воскресенье, 1 марта 2015 г.


Modern Music. My participation.


          I'm not the only one person who gives to music huge part of his life. Many people devoted their life to music. They spent all free time to practice, to become the best. And most of them are professionals for themselves at least. They enjoy and hate their choice. My progress is not as successful. I don't remember myself without music. Even my dad turned on the rock when I was 4. I always dreamed to play musical instruments. My first motivation was of course because of girl. When I was in low/middle school I wanted to become cooler in Rorer girls' eyes. There was no cooler person then a guy with a guitar and nice haircut. I spent couple months to learn how to play guitar I even bought one, but it wasn't so easy as I expected. It's such a toil to play guitar or any musical instrument. My fingers screamed after couple month, I was not able to handle with guitar. However, my love to Rock music just increased when I realized how difficult it is.
     Closer to high school I fell in love with a girl who played piano. It was so beautiful. At this point classic music became part of me. My friends I was hanging out with and actually whole teen internet told me that classic music sucks and it for stupid elders. But they were wrong. Classic music is one of the first intelligent act in music history. As a result I started to learn how to play piano. But know I couldn't afford whole grant piano so I started with common MIDI keyboard. It was the first step in my musical way. Well, I'm not really hard-working person my grades in school are not the best in school. So ability to play piano surprisingly was no less difficult. Couple more month spent to new instrument. My hands weren't so fast and accuracy to play beautiful music, and I was too lazy to practice them. I could play simple songs but I didn't need it. My plastic can give much more positive emotions. Forget about piano, it's not mine.
     When I applied high school I got a Music Production class. There I met a guy from Ukraine whoso hobby was to write an electronic music. I always liked it so I wanted to take part in it. Whew tough me basic rules. Today I step into this world and now I research this topic. I hope to become really good at this.